The 3xPawn Store Records Local Ex Girlfriend Having Sex

3xpawn store

This local ex gf Jenny comes into the 3xPawn store talking all about her recent break-up. Sean sees this opportunity. When he finds out she has only had one other sex partner, he is ready give her seconds. She goes for the whole package in the office. He starts removing her clothes finding some great natural tits and a very tight box. She is willing and compliments Sean on the size of his cock, the biggest she’s seen. He plays with her pussy to make sure she’s ready and he finds one tight slit. He gets blown in the chair. Then he lays her on the desk to scissor fuck her. He lies down on the floor, she rides his cock until he is ready to blow. She is moaning and groaning like a pro. Then he finishes her off by bending her over the desk. He finally blows his cum all over her face and glasses.

3xPawn Store Porn

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