About My Site 3xPawn

If you’ve ever visited a pawn shop you know that they are very cool. I’m a pawnbroker also known as a pawn shop owner. The 3xpawn shop is the best though! If you’re like me you’ve pondered the fact of fucking for goods at a shop like this. I know you’ve thought of it. I’m here to tell you that there is a shop that does this and I spend my time updating my site 3XPawn to share all the pictures and videos of horny girls that come into pawn shops that we convince to have sex for goods. It’s nothing more than a barter sex spy video on a hidden camera in a pawn shop. The kicker is that we get new girls to do this all the time for us and we are the only place that shares the videos with the world!

Here’s what I do for you. After convincing these girls to have sex with me in the XXX Pawn shop, I upload the video to my private site and share it with the world. Once I’ve done that I package it nicely and send it out into the Internet for all to see. I have a huge video library of all the girls I’ve ever fucked in the pawn shop! You can see all of them in the 3xpawn members area! Hours and hours of full hardcore fucking in my pawnshop!


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