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Local Pawn Porn

We’ve got a special local pawn porn clip for you today that you’re just going to love! Do you know what happens when a hot blonde girl tries to sell a pawn shop a shitty broken car? Well, she gets caught in a lie for starters! Secondly, she ends up having to do something she didn’t expect to do…and that’s suck a big fat dick! When she brought her car into the shop we knew right away after driving it for a few minutes that she was trying to scam the pawn shop. It was something we’ve seen happen over and over time and time again. That being said, we knew exactly what to look for to make this work out on the most upside possible for us. After confronting the girl she confessed everything to us. She was in such bad need for cash that she was willing to do anything for it. I ended up recording this nasty hot slut on video while she was sucking my dick. She had no idea I was going to blast it all over the internet for others to enjoy! Hahaha! Maybe next time she’ll think twice before trying to rip someone off.

Local Pawn Porn

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All for a gaudy silver chain, she doesn’t make any payments and then comes back with nothing to buy it back. Sean makes her an offer she cannot refuse. He takes her into the bathroom and lets her think about it. Then he comes in wearing the chain. For the chain he gets her naked. He mouth fucks her until he is sure she isn’t going anywhere. Then he sits on the toilet and makes her ride him until he is almost ready to blow. She is really getting into this and seems to be moaning like she’s cumming. He finally bends her over the toilet and takes her from behind, fucking that pussy until he is ready to blow. He covers her face and body, tattoos and all with the spunk he squirts after this good fucking.

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This sexy girl needs some cash fast. She brings in some stuff she stole from her work trying to pawn it at the 3x Pawn Shop. Sean catches her and she confesses. So he turns the trick. He gets past her objections for her to take care of this hard on. She tries to offer a hand job, but Sean is having none of this. He gets her to sucking and finds that she has a good rack as well. He bends her over his desk and makes sure her pussy is hot and ready. He takes her from behind there. They stand up to scissor fuck with her leg over his shoulder. This gets Sean all hot and bothered but she still has more work to do. He makes her ride his cock while he sits in the chair. Finally, he blows his load on her face and tits. He gives her the money and some paper towels to clean the jizz off her face. LOL

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