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This local ex gf Jenny comes into the 3xPawn store talking all about her recent break-up. Sean sees this opportunity. When he finds out she has only had one other sex partner, he is ready give her seconds. She goes for the whole package in the office. He starts removing her clothes finding some great natural tits and a very tight box. She is willing and compliments Sean on the size of his cock, the biggest she’s seen. He plays with her pussy to make sure she’s ready and he finds one tight slit. He gets blown in the chair. Then he lays her on the desk to scissor fuck her. He lies down on the floor, she rides his cock until he is ready to blow. She is moaning and groaning like a pro. Then he finishes her off by bending her over the desk. He finally blows his cum all over her face and glasses.

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A couple comes in desperate for some money. They don’t have much to offer, but the owner is all ready for that. They were going to make a pawn store porn video. He sets it up to fuck her for the money. He even lets the boyfriend watch if he’ll film it. She is hot in her shorts and then he gets her out of those clothes. She blows him very well in the 3xpawn store. So he lets her ride his cock while he sits in the chair. The boyfriend is having a hard time but doesn’t leave. So the owner fucks her more. After bending her over the desk for some great behind action he is in his game. He continues to fuck her as she is moaning and groaning doing a sexy dance on this hard cock. She gets totally into this and he blows all over her face. The boyfriend is almost in tears from embarrassment, but he keeps filming.

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What to do when a sexy big tit police officer enters the XXXPawn shop that needs money. Of course, you convince the hot milf officer to fuck you! She was offered some money for some hot sexy pictures of her acting out a few fantasies with her clothes almost all off. That was, until she got completely nude. She had a great booty and luscious natural tits that were perfect for fucking. We got her to pose until she was putting herself in positions that would make any man’s dick hard. She is bent over so we couldn’t hold back anymore. This nasty female officer took a cock in her mouth before she bends her over the desk and gets her ass pounded from behind. She continues to get fucked doggy style on the floor and the desk. Getting more into it she busted out her officer belt and holster while getting pounded into that hot cop twat. She was moaning and giving as much as she could possibly take. Things ended with a cumshot blow on her face.

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Amber needed $1,200 for a trip to Europe. Little did she know it would cost her pawn sex for her mistake! She was a horny college chick that stopped by 3X Pawn because she was trying to sell a fake mink coat. Spider didn’t want to buy the mink but for some favors and photos he financed her trip. He
got Amber in the office for some sexy pictures of that tight ass and those great breasts. When she was naked and he had some pictures to work with, he then set the ultimate pitch for the whole $1,200 that she need . She had to stick a cock between her tits for that cash but that didn’t stop there. She sucked cock bent over the desk and took it from behind. He sat her on the desk and fucked her until he blew his load all over her lips and face.

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This sexy cute local girl brought her ex’s Xbox in the other day and tried to get a pearl necklace. We made her play some porn pawn games for it though! The owner was not sure why the ex wasn’t banging this beauty. He got her into the office to discuss the price differences. It took some talking to get her ready for some dick. The pawn shop talked her into some pictures and she did a good bouncy strip tease for the store. Her natural tits were buoyant and shaking so great. Then she was given the joystick dick to play with! She sucked his cock like it was her job and even offered a more. He bent her over the desk and fucks her pussy while she is moaning and groaning with pleasure. She needed a great fucking and ended up riding his cock a bit more. He finally flipped her around, had the horny amateur girl on her knees taking his load on her face. A great squirting cum satisfied everyone!

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We’ve got some good old fashioned pawn shop porn to share with you today! This college student wanted some money for her books, but they weren’t worth much. So we decided to get her into theback room to “negotiate.” After offering her more money to take that hot sundress off and those hot lips sucking cock, she decided to come to terms and agree! We talked talked this college babe into everything at the 3xpawn Shop. Once she got naked it was all over. Her pussy was perfect and she looked incredible nude. I mean she was naked and very hot. She takes cock and lubes up big dick with her mouth before getting on the floor on all fours. She then gets banged from behind on the desk. This girl was so ridiculously small that she was able to get fucked while standing up. After putting her on her knees to deliver the final blow, she took a face full of cum. I squirt jizz all over her face and she is simply enjoyed it all. She walks out with much more for her books then she expected, and money, too. The sound of a truly amazing pawn shop porn scene!

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Holly just lost her job and is trying to raise enough money to keep her going until she finds another. Spider at the 3XPawn Shop doesn’t want the office things she brings in, but he does want to fuck that ass. He proposes to match her severance pay if she will fuck him. She fights and argues but finally she gives in. In the back getting her naked is easier than it might seem. She is one built chick and has
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A customer and his wife come into XXX Pawn to pawn some cheap shit. The owner is not having any of it. He finally gets the husband out and offers to comfort the wife. Taking her back to the office, she starts flirting heavy. She hasn’t had any other dicks. He gets her undressed playing with her fine assets. He takes her up on the offer and fucks her in every position she hasn’t ever had. He bends her over the desk and fucks her from behind.  She sucks his cock a bit, then she rides him in the chair. He promises to cum on her face and she moans that is what she wants. He keeps pounding away in this hot pussy. Then he finally pulls out, turns her around and squirts all over her face.

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A Latina stewardess came into the 3x Pawn shop because she wanted money for some clothes. But the owner wants a good blow job and doesn’t want just clothes from her. She comes behind the counter with customers watching. He likes her mouth so much in public that he takes her into the bathroom to pound her dirty pussy. It’s not the first time he’s fucked around with a hot Latina woman in the pawn shop either. He knew he’d be able to fuck her no problem.

She pokes her pointy tits out of her top and then gets out of it totally. The stewardess rides him while he sits on the toilet, first face-out and then face-to-face. He leans her against the wall to get even more bang for his cock. She takes that and more as he keeps fucking her in the bathroom. He picks her up and asks her if he qualifies for the Mile-High club. He gets her on her knees and blows his load all over her face. Then he rushes her out of the door and into the night.

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A personal trainer comes into the 3xpawn shop the other day to sell exercise her equipment. Spider, the manager, gets her to show him how to use it. Billy, the assistant handles the camera to record the demo at 3xpawn. Spider talks her into the demo, then connives her into doing it naked. I don’t know how he did it but he did! Billy can’t seem to control himself, so Spider gets him out. She goes through all the routines again, totally naked. Her shaved pussy is exquisite and she has a very tight ass. The exercises get Spider all hard, so he offers her more money to blow him. As this naughty muscle babe is sucking cock, he gets ready to put her on all fours. He rams into her as she begins to moan and groan in pleasure. Finally, he pulls out and has her suck his cock until he blows cum all over her, He hands her a paper towel and throws money at her.

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